Odunpazarı / Eskişehir Hava Durumu


A.  Our Mission

* Work to ensure that the projects that we will prepare and implement with the understanding of community, producer and modern municipality provide opportunities to work humanely and live humanely, compatible with resources and time.

Our Mission-Defining Sensitivities; 

* Providing services to the people of Odunpazarı that live up to quality in accordance with their basic values and expectations.
* Creating equality of opportunity for all segments of society through the services provided.
* Ensuring the exercise of democratic rights and freedoms with municipal services in which modern living standards will be created. 

B. Our vision

* Improving the quality of life of all segments of society living in Odunpazarı with the description of sustainable municipality, making urban life easier and more beautiful.

Our Environmental Policy

•    As Eskisehir Odunpazarı Municipality; during the services we perform, we comply with all seasons and regulations related to the environment, spend a lot to improve continuously,

•    Identify our environmental effects while carrying out our activities and minimize the effects without any, take priorities to effectively use energy and resources during our activities and permanently design,

•    Keeping our waste under control while doing our work, minimizing air, water and soil pollution with appropriate techniques,

•    To carry out the announcement, training and information works necessary for the environment and awareness to be experienced by all employees,

•    Our environmental policy and senior management has been committed. Our environmental policy and the impact of our activities on the environment are open to public scrutiny.

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