Odunpazarı / Eskişehir Hava Durumu



He was born in 1957 in Yenikent Village of Seyitgazi district. Mr. Kurt went to primary school in the same village and went to Istanbul Haydarpaşa and Eskişehir Bahçelievler high schools. He graduated from Ankara University, Department of Law in 1980.

Kazım Kurt, who took an active part in politics during his university years and created opportunities to cultivate important information about politics by virtue of political publications he read, started his career as a lawyer after his internship in Eskişehir.

He took part in the founding stage of Seyitgazispor in 1980, when politics was banned, and he served as the President of Seyitgazispor for a while. During his tenure, he helped Seyitgazispor to participate in amateur cluster matches. Mr. Kurt, who participated in the establishment of “Eskişehir Development Foundation (Eskişehir Gelişim Vakfı)” was also a founding member of the foundation. Mr. Kurt also took part in the establishment of “Seyit Battal Gazi Foundation” and contributed to the development of the civil society movement in Eskişehir as the founder of the “Crimean Association and the Crimean Development Foundation”.

In the period of re-opening of People’s Houses (Halk Evleri) that were closed after September 12, Kazim Kurt, the founding chairman of “Eskisehir People’s House”, was the initiator of very serious studies for 2-3 years.

After the Social Democratic Populist Party (SHP) won the Eskişehir Municipality in 1989, Kazım Kurt played an important role in making Eskişehir People’s House an accepted and popular public house. He served as a board member of “Eskişehir Bar Association” for a period. While he continued his active work life, he did not give up on his sports activities. He took part in the management of the neighborhood football team called Esnafspor. He made Esnafspor an active team with the help of a few friends and transfering managers, 

Kazım Kurt married Türküz Kurt in 1982 and started a new period in his life. He became a member of Social Democratic Populist Party (SHP) after the 1987 elections. 

Mr. Kurt had been an active member of the party. In this period, he was praised in politics. After serving as city manager of Republican People's Party (CHP) and secretary of the Party, he became District Head of the same party. He then became a 2nd place candidate for Member of Parliament (MP). In 1995, when he was the District Head of CHP, he became the second rank candidate for parliament.

He was re-elected as the head of the central district at the district congress held after the 1995 elections. He became the 1st place candidate for member of parliament (MP) in the 1999 elections. However, he lost the chance of becoming a MP due to Republican People's Party’s (CHP) falling under the election threshold. 

He applied to the CHP even though he knew that he will not be allowed to became a candidate with the discussions and developments in CHP after 1999. He stayed away from CHP for a while due to disciplinary discussions. He was expelled from the party for criticizing the party's failure on submitting its list of candidates to the election board in the 2004 municipal elections, and for criticizing party officials.

Kurt, who stayed away from party activities for a period due to the frictions within the party, joined the party activities again after 2007. After a very serious struggle, Kurt, who was among the team that won the central district congress, was once again expelled from the party before winning the central district congress. 

Towards the end of 2008, Mr. Kurt decided to join the Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality council and he was nominated from Democratic Left Party (DSP) lists with a group of his friends.

After becoming a member of the Municipal Council, Mr. Kurt served as Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Council. He also became the President of the City Council.

As a result of the regulation change at that time, the election of the presidents of the city councils came to the agenda. Kazım Kurt made history as the first city council president to take office as a result of a proper election.

Kazim Kurt, who realized that the politics of the City Council did not embrace the whole society,  also started to work on the establishment of the City Council Platform of Turkey to ensure that City Councils are civil society movements and advocate for civilization.

Kazım Kurt,  who contributed to the effective change in the nature of city councils in Turkey,  also contributed to the civilization of the perspectives of the city councils as a result of effective studies.

Kurt, who became a 2.nd place candidate for MP in 2011 elections after his successful work as a member of the Municipal Council, was entitled to enter the parliament with the success of the elections.

Kurt, who won the appreciation of the representatives of all political parties as the most successful MP in the history of Eskişehir, proved once again the unifying power of the CHP.

Kazım Kurt, who was the only representative who resigned from his duty as a Member of Parliament (MP) to become the Mayor of the District, broke a new ground in CHP in 2014. Mr. Kurt showed his love for Eskisehir once again with his behavior.

He was nominated as Mayor of Odunpazarı in 2019 local elections. He became successful and was elected as Mayor of Odunpazarı.

Mayor Kurt broke a new ground by placing himself among “the mayors who increased their votes most” in 2019 local elections. Mr. Kurt is also Council Member of the Union of Municipalities of Turkey (TBB) and the Union of Municipalities of Central Anatolia (IMM).

Mayor Kazım Kurt says, “our ambition is to be the power in Turkey. We are going to work on every platform”. He continues to serve for Odunpazarı and Eskişehir with a social democratic approach. 

Mayor Kurt is married with two children.

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