Odunpazarı / Eskişehir Hava Durumu


For the funeral burial procedures of our citizens who died while living in the area of our municipality, one of the relatives of the funeral must apply to the Directorate of Health Affairs of our municipality within working hours with the identity card of the deceased.

As soon as after the application, a burial license is issued to the funeral, which is seen and examined on the spot by the Municipal doctor.
Information about the deceased person in the Central Population Administration is prepared by the Health Affairs of our municipality and sent to the provincial population Directorate and the reduction of the person from the population is carried out.

Since all cemeteries in Eskisehir are connected to the Metropolitan Municipality Health Department, special burial place and grave construction licenses are issued by the Metropolitan Municipality and are charged. But for those who do not have a special burial place, there is also no need to apply to the cemetery Branch Office.
Our municipality provides information to the Director of Cemeteries while processing the burial license and prepares the place where the deceased person will be buried.
Our  Condolences…

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